how to verify a car’s VIN

How to verify a car’s VIN

Porsche VIN example
Porsche VIN example

VIN or the Vehicle Identification Number that is found on every vehicle since the year 1981. Before then, there were some manufacturers who included the VIN, but there was no proper sequence it was the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that demanded for the 17 digit VIN for every vehicle. One unique 17 digit cannot match with another vehicle, similar to our fingerprints.

Is your car stolen or with replaced parts?

Usually the VIN is found on the dashboard that connects to the windshield base, dashboard on the driver’s side, engine of the car, chassis and other parts of the vehicle. It is essential for the numbers on the multiple locations to be same. In case the numbers are not the same or don’t match up, it indicates clearly that either the car has been stolen or there has been some components that has been altered.

How to verify the VIN of your car?

Locating the VIN

It is important to find the VIN of the car you are planning to buy and note it down. In case, you are unable to find it, ask the current owner of the vehicle and locate.

Seeking the help of the websites

If you go online, you will ocme across several websites that offers with Vehicle Identificaton Number finders, and some of them are absolutely free of cost. Search for the VIN locators and examine the results.

You must try out the websites that allows the free VIN lookup and follow the guidelines. In case, you are not satisfied with the free services, you can opt for the paid services like the CarFax and get the complete vehicle history report.

Follow the website instructions

Once you complete with the registration process, you need to login to the website and enter the VIN. Every site will come up with its own requirements. You need to follow the guidelines as mentioned and act accordingly.

Reviewing the report

Reviewing the vehicle history report is an essential step. The more detailed report you get, it is better for you before coming to a final decision. Reviewing the car helps you to learb learn whether the car has been stolen or damaged due to accidents or natural calamities. You need to be careful about such incidents.

Informing the authorities

In case, you come to know that the vehicle’s VIN is not legitimate, you must inform the concerned authorities and ask for assistance. For instance, you can seek the help of the local police, who can help you to find that whether the car has been stolen. When you purchase a stolen car and wasn’t aware of it, you might be entitled with the compensation and avoid legal issues.